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Vaping Devices Explained


So you want to try out vaping but it all seems a little confusing? Well read on and we’ll explain the basics.

All the available devices in today’s market might all look very different but the way they work is virtually the same. They all consist of three basic elements.


First is the power source.


This is called a Mod. A mod is the main body of the device and contains either a built in battery or a user replaceable battery. They come in all different styles but mainly they will either look boxed shaped or tube shaped. Which one you choose usually just comes down to personal preference.


Next we have the tank.


The tank screws onto the top of the Mod and is what holds your tasty e-liquid. Again they come in a lot of different styles and e-juice capacities but there really is two main types, Clearomizers and RTA’s.

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. These are aimed for the advanced vaper as you need to build your own coils which requires a lot of practice to be done safely.

Clearomizers are the same as RTA’s except they come with prebuilt user replaceable coils. Once a coil burns out the user simply has to unscrew the old coil and screw in a new one. This makes Clearomizers an excellent fuss free option for those new to vaping.


Last is the coil or heating element.


As discussed above you can either buy replacement prebuilt coils or you can purchase wick and wire and make your own.

The coil sits inside the tank and is what vaporises the e-liquid.

All coils will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, this is just a fact of vaping. The life of the coil will vary depending on a few factors such as type of liquid used and amount of power used while vaping. Generally a prebuilt coil should last anywhere between one to three weeks.


To simplify the whole process we sell a fantastic range of starter kits that contain all the parts you need to get you vaping. The only other thing you will need is one of our yummy e-liquids.

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Vaping Devices Explained | Shop Online At The Vaper Caper

Vaping Devices Explained | Shop Online At The Vaper Caper

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