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So what are Electronic Cigarettes?


Basically Ecigs or as we like to call them, Personal Vaporisers are a battery operated device that sends electricity to a heating element or coil that when heated will vaporise the e liquid to produce an inhalable vapour. This is what we refer to as vaping.


What are the benefits?


Vaping tastes great

The Vaper Caper stock a heap of fantastic e liquids that will make you forget about traditional cigarettes in no time. Our flavours range from a refreshing Pina Colada style vape through to delicious custard vapes.


Save money

Traditional cigarettes are an expensive habit. Once you purchase your vape hardware the only ongoing cost is coils and e liquid. Generally a pack of vaping coils will cost around $15 for a pack of five and each coil should last 2-3 weeks.


You will finally smell good

Well this may not be true for all people but at least you won’t smell like filthy cigarettes anymore.


There are many reasons why people are switching to e-cigs in Australia and with The Vaper Caper you will have access to some of the best vaping supplies in Australia.


To learn more about vaping devices click here


What Are Electronic Cigarettes? | Shop At The Vaper Caper

What Are Electronic Cigarettes? | Shop At The Vaper Caper

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